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Casa Rural

Casa Rural Montealegre 

2018 Fin de Semana - 9 Habitaciones:895 €
Puente 3 días - 9 Habitaciones:1,250 €
Semana Completa:1,780 €
plaza supletoria fin de semana:20 €
PRE-BOOKING: In order to make the booking solid is necessary to pay €200.
Yacimientos Atapuerca

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World Heritage Site

Archaeological Park

It is a pleasure: to go with children, they teach who they used to make the fire, they painted…
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Evolution Museum

It keeps the discoveries, big building. It is not necessary to take the ticket in advance, you can get it in the same gate.  

Atarpuerca Sites

Visit from the center Reception of Ibeas (closer to the house)
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