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Casa Rural

Casa Rural Montealegre 

2017 Fin de Semana - 8 Habitaciones:885 €
Puente 3 días - 8 Habitaciones:1,200 €
Semana Completa:1,700 €
plaza supletoria fin de semana:20 €
PRE-BOOKING: In order to make the booking solid is necessary to pay €200.
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We cook for you

Roast Lamb

Our most demanded dish: roast lamb, merino sheep, grown and sacrificed here. It takes more than 3 hours to warm up the firewood oven and to roast it. €105 unit.

Beans soup of Ibeas

The famous legume of the region with chorizo, ribs, stuffed, ear, blood sausage, bacon… they used to call it “poderida” (powerful) and now: rotten pot… the price is €110, (Price for 10 people).
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