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Casa Rural

Casa Rural Montealegre 

2018 Fin de Semana - 9 Habitaciones:895 €
Puente 3 días - 9 Habitaciones:1,250 €
Semana Completa:1,780 €
plaza supletoria fin de semana:20 €
PRE-BOOKING: In order to make the booking solid is necessary to pay €200.
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All houses have not this


It is equipped with system of detection of smoke; boiler buried in the mountain (without noises, smells, dangers ...) cancellation anti-children in fireplaces and stairs, emergency exits...


Soundproofed, partitions of concrete, thermal isolations, 16 thermostats without " limits or schedules "


Taste in the decor, the detail, the complements, the furniture….


Paddle tennis court, swimming pool, playground, wifi, parking, private garden of 4000 m, spits, ovens, summer lounge...
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